Whether it is a model home or a restaurant dining area, it's the artistic touches that make your business memorable. Danielle Studios offers special pricing structures for commercial clients, and works with each customer to build a project based on their specific budget and timeframe.

Danielle will meet with you directly, or work hand-in-hand with your decorator to make your project "pop". It all comes down to the bottom line, and faux finishes are a very inexpensive way to add ambiance.

How Does Danielle Studios Work For Businesses?


For homebuilders, Danielle converts a stark model home into a sanctuary; Transforming a "model home" into "my home."

Convert a stale waiting room or daycare into an inviting, memorable space.

We help restaurant owners bring the rich colors of their food into the atmosphere.

We understand that deadlines and closings are extremely important and we are always flexible with our schedule to accommodate the ever changing new construction schedule.

As a business owner, you know that differentiating yourself from the competition is mandatory for success. Let Danielle Studios give you an edge in your buisness. To get started, call 316.393.9176 or email murals@daniellestephen.com.

If you haven't already - be sure to check out our Finish Gallery to see some of our custom finishes, or view our Murals gallery where you'll find artworks ranging from custom large format logo applications to large format paintings.