As the fearless leader and owner of Danielle Studios, Inc, Danielle Stephen saw art as a business opportunity from an early age. As a child, she would paint Christmas artwork on antiques to sell in the gift shop of her parent's Christmas tree farm, so it was no surprise when Danielle Studios, Inc. was established in 2004, and quickly grew into a prominate and leading decorative painting business in Wichita and surrounding areas. Danielle has been in the business of decorative art for over fifteen years. She began painting murals in mostly children's rooms in the late 90s, well before she earned her bachelor of art degree from Wichita State University with a certificate in Decorative Art and Ornamental Design, followed by her Masters of Communication from Pittsburg State University.  Completing her bachelors degree in only two years and adding her masters in just one more is a testament to her  hard work ethic, drive, and efficiency.  Shortly after graduating, she expanded into the business of faux finishing.  She and her talented team have worked with thousands of clients, been featured in hundreds of model homes, and have excellent relationships with dozens of builders and decorators in the region. Her work even takes her business to different out-of-state destinations, occasionally. Although most projects entail beautifying new residential interiors, Danielle Studios, Inc. has plenty of experience with remodels, commercial establishments, furniture, paintings, and commissioned canvas art. 2016 brought about the exciting adventure of opening a sister company, Doors by Danielle.  It was a natural expansion as Danielle Studios had already been transforming woodwork and faux finishing cabinets for years.

It is incredible that she has any free time at all, but when she does, she enjoys spending it traveling, relaxing with family and friends, and watching her three kids play sports.


Faye Blick could arguably be named Danielle Studios most steadfast employee. As manager of the team, she is constantly lending a problem solving hand to her teammates, and is always searching for the best execution strategy for each project. Her studies at the Art Institute in Kansas City, as well as her knack for organization and preparation, have proven to be huge assets to Danielle Studios, and extend beyond our day-to-day, well into the night, where you may find her frequently hammering away at her own numerous side projects. Faye hardly sits still, but somehow seems to retain a delicate balance between constantly working on, or fixing, something, donating her art to causes like Hope for Haiti and Zoobilee, raising two incredible young ladies, and making time to enjoy herself with friends and family.


Often deemed Danielle's quietest employee, Alex Blasi's earnest, quiet demeanor might have you misled. When she is not working with the Danielle Studios team, you can find her at the boxing gym or painting at home, listening to rap music. Alex's interests are quite eclectic, as she earned her degree in Economics with an emphasis in Real Estate, from Wichita State University, and works part-time in a real estate office. However, she prefers to spend her free time reclaiming and refinishing furniture or creating commissioned oil paintings (usually boxing or sports themed) in her home studio. Alex's goal is to combine her interests and, eventually, enter the business of flipping homes. She recently purchased her first house, in which she has already put her faux painting skills to work, in order to update and sell it and start her journey on the more "artistic" side of real estate.  If you ask her what and where her ideal faux painting job would be she will tell you she would love to finish more places with beautiful scenery and a lot of windows, like the homes she has already had the opportunity to work on around Tablerock Lake.

Ashley joined the team in 2016, and is still the tiniest of the artists at Danielle Studios. She earned a theater arts degree from Loyola Marymount University with a focus in design where she also had the opportunity to study abroad in Bonn, Germany and at the Moscow Art Theatre School.  During her world travels she also spent time in the Austrian Alps and Scotland before returning to the US.  Post graduation she completed a two year scenic artist training program at Cobalt Studios in New York where she honed her painting skills. She spent time painting at the Goodspeed Opera House in Connecticut, and worked freelance in other cities before she decided Wichita was a good place to put down some roots. Her choice medium is scenic paint on muslin, but she's enjoyed learning all about faux finishing. In her free time she enjoys reading Harry Potter in German, knitting, drinking tea and eating ice cream, as well as wrangling her adorable yet furocious kitten, Wilhelmina Furlong. 


Like Danielle, Erin Konecny earned her degree in Fine Arts from Wichita State University; with a concentration in Decorative and Ornamental Design. She, actually, did her work-study with Danielle in the early 2000's in order to earn credits toward her degree. In 2006, she was published in the Wichita Eagle featuring some of her decorative design art. Erin has her own home studio and regularly teaches painting classes on the weekends and in the evenings to novice painters hoping to learn her tricks and talents.  She also contributes canvas art pieces to many Wichita area charities throughout the year.  It should be no surprise that her favorite "finishes" are the murals that Danielle Studios creates, or that her favorite medium to work with is acrylic paint. As if she is not busy enough, you may find her on the the evenings she is not spending with students on the side of the baseball fields with her three young sons.


Hilary Francis has been with Danielle Studios for a couple years now and her role has transitioned  into the manager for our sister company, Doors  by Danielle.  Her great attention to detail and love for transforming old wood and furniture makes her the perfect leader on these projects.   While she is still involved with the faux finishing side, the growth and popularity of refinishing cabinets has definitely taken off and keeps her on her toes!  Earlier in her career, she studied graphic design at Wichita State University, adding to the scope of her artistic background.  You may also find her creating custom art pieces during her free time -some of which she donates to local charities.  Hilary finds inspiration in her fundamental ability to see potential in the old and outdated. She believes in "no project too big or small" as long as she has her Beastie Boys and stand-up comedy to listen to along the way.


Jacque joined the Danielle Studios team this past fall in the midst of a large-scale mural project in downtown Wichita.  Her strengths in digital art translate well into painting and faux finishing and she definitely has an "eye."  She said she has always aspired to be an artist which lead her to begin her journey at Kansas State earning a BFA in Visual Communications.  She worked as a photo retouch artist and video production art director prior to starting her own photography business, which she still continues to operate part time.  While her number one love is photography, she claims that painting is therapeutic and allows her to escape from being behind the camera or in front of a computer screen.  Jacque is also very involved with her family - planning and coordinating her kids' activities.  She is a busy woman!


Our passions vary. Our talents run far and wide. But our singular mutual commitment is to create art that instills nothing less than awe. We work together to meet the demands of our clients. Our talents are as diverse as the finishes we offer.