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  • How are the finish choices determined?
    There are a number of factors that will influence the recommendations that are made: Your personal style: Danielle and her team are great at finding your personal style. A lot can be determined with an initial discussion about your vision for the project. Descriptions such as “rustic”, “contemporary” or “old world” leave a lot of room for interpretation…so visual aids help to translate your personal likes and dislikes and are great to have ahead of time. These can include photos, clippings from magazines, or pictures found online. The more specific the information about what you like, the easier it is to meet everyone’s expectations. Actual color choices, style and technique options for decorative finishes are infinite. The more information or “pieces of the puzzle” that are available ie: fabric samples, flooring, tile, granite, etc., the easier it will be to identify the decorative finish option that is perfect for you. If you starting from scratch and are not even sure which direction to go, Danielle and her team can help you at that point as well. To see how we can turn your personal style into the perfect finish - take a look at our Inspiration page. The color story or flow of the home: Especially with open floor plans, it is important that the tones and style are visually correct from every vantage point. It is not necessary to have all surrounding areas completed but it is important to have a vision of what you will ultimately achieve. Where to create focal points: As you walk through a home, your eye should travel to points of interest. Intensity and drama of strategically placed decorative finishes and artistry are determined by the size, scale and balance of color of all the elements within a space. The current condition of the existing surfaces: Sometimes, existing surfaces can influence the options that are available. These will be determined during the initial meeting. Specific requirements for preparation of walls or cabinetry before the decorative finish application will be outlined in detail. Your investment: The goal is to provide you with the best design value for your dollar. We work as a member of your design team to present solutions that reward you with the most impact for your investment. Surprisingly, it is often exquisite decorative finishes in smaller areas that will create more interest and provide a high level of sophistication to your total look. We are also willing to break down your project and plan for “phases” as time and funds allow.
  • Do you provide sample boards?
    Danielle Studios, Inc. has been creating innovative and custom finishes for over 20 years. During this time they have been documented by both photographs of completed projects and samples of the actual finishes. The possibilities are endless as each technique is customized for your personal project. Danielle has a very extensive portfolio of boards that you can view during an initial consultation. At that time colors are determined and a new custom board can be created if none of the existing ones are perfect for your scheme.
  • What does it cost?
    Since all of Danielle’s decorative finishes are custom, each project is quoted on an individual basis. Prices “per square foot” are generally used to estimate basic production paint finishes. Many factors are taken into consideration. These include but are not limited to: Size of the project. Intricacy of the finish. The cost of the materials and/ or equipment needed.
  • Do you have insurance?
    This is a question that you should be asking ANY contractor that comes into your home. Danielle Studios, Inc. carries full coverage for both personal and business liability as well as workman’s compensation.
  • What are the advantages of decorative finishes and painting?
    A decorative finish never peels and is not a repeated machine print. It is washable, durable, has no seams, and when it is time for a change it does not have to be removed like wallpaper. It is customized to your existing color scheme and cost-effective. Textured finishes can hide wall surface flaws. A decorative finish adds dimension and interest to any decor. It can be applied to various surfaces such as plaster, drywall, wood, metal, leather or PVC. Decorative finishes and murals are hand painted artwork done by real artists.
  • Do your paint products leave an odor?
    In most cases, No. We use water-based, nontoxic products that have little to no odor. Some texture media have a slight odor that promptly fades away after curing.
  • How do I get my project scheduled?
    Contact Danielle by phone, email, or our contact form to discuss your project plan. Once an estimate is determined and the decorative painting details are finalized (sample boards for faux or sketches for murals,) we can get your project on the schedule!
  • Do I have to remove my existing wallpaper before I can consider a decorative finish?
    No. It is definitely possible in most cases to treat the walls and smooth the seams to create a perfectly durable finish right over the top of existing wallpaper.
  • At what point do I bring a decorative finish specialist on board during a new construction or remodeling project?
    When you are ready to start thinking about your walls – color and texture wise. Here are 2 reasons: Base Paint: The decorative finish or texture you choose will determine the sheen level of the base paint used. Contractors commonly use a flat (low sheen) paint. Unfortunately, flat paint is not conducive to most decorative finishes. Textures: Smooth walls allow for all decorative options, but wall textures such as knock down or orange peel create limitations. Decorative finish projects can be scheduled any time after the surface has been base painted and any construction that will be touching the walls is completed (tile, granite installation, etc.)
  • Do you do regular painting?
    Yes, we do regular base coat painting on interiors for existing homes
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