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Project Recap: Doctor's Office Makeover

We recently had the opportunity to work closely on a fun project - a doctor's office makeover! Danielle, the owner of Danielle Studios, Inc., had the pleasure of designing the entire project. That included the new layout, furniture, decor, flooring, and wall colors.

Before the transformation, the room was lacking some character. The furniture was a little too big for the space and the original colors didn't coordinate well. The walls were also very bare with the exception of a couple of framed certificates and licenses.

The redesign started with the piece of custom artwork painted by Danielle. From there, she determined the colors, furniture, and the overall mid-century modern style to go with it. From his custom artwork, she noted the client really liked abstract art and rich tones, especially deep blue. The new wall color and layout of furniture really allow for more seating and space to move around. Danielle brought this space to life and made it a comfortable and pleasant environment for the patients and the doctor to work in.

Isn't it amazing what painted walls and custom art can do for a space? The whole office vibe has changed for the better!

Does your space need some help? Send us a message and let's talk!

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